Social Justice: Un-wired

Kaeshelle in the Wired Radio studio with her guest Carl.

Recording episode 3 with guests Nadia and Cameron.

A cheeky selfie with guests Mackenzie and Savannah.

Social Justice: Un-wired is a radio talk show aired on Wired Radio, it looks at different social justice movements and projects from around the world.
Let’s have conversations that aren’t full of political jargon and instead get into open and gritty talk. We’ll also get into music from those different regions!
Ep. 01: Intro

This episode is the first episode of the show where I introduce myself, explain the idea of the show and explore the concept of social justice.

Ep. 02: Sebastian

This episode features Sebastian, a Political Communications master’s student from Goldsmiths. The show touches on Latin America, in particular the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo of Argentina, the current political climate in Chile, the Politics of Memory and Anti-monuments in Mexico and more.

Ep. 03: Nadia & Cameron

This episode features guests Nadia and Cameron, Postcolonial Culture & Global Policy MA students from Goldsmiths. The show touches on the political climate in Yemen and organising, the Politics of Belonging, Black History and more.

Ep. 04: Tito

This episode features the guest Tito, a Politics and International Relations student from the University of Bath. The show touches on being Black and British, the Race and Equality Network in Bath, the Get Up, Stand Up Now exhibition at Somerset House, Black British History and more.

Ep. 05: Carl

This episode features Carl, Critical & Creative Analysis MA student from Goldsmiths. The show touches on Zwarte Piet (Black Pete) and other issues in Amsterdam, elevating minority voices, human rights work in Norway and university strikes.

Ep. 06: Mackenzie & Savannah

This episode features guests Mackenzie and Savannah, fellow Race, Media & Social Justice MA students from Goldsmiths. The show touches on university and college experiences in the US, the myth of meritocracy, protests on campus, toxic soil for Gordon Plaza residents in New Orleans.